About the speaker

Joren Joshua is a Rotterdam-based illustrator, who uses his colorful and playful style to depict daily situations and frames in a lighthearted and funny way. In his work, you will recognize graffiti techniques, children’s books-resembling shapes and an old school art print influence. He’s a young and fresh creative and his happy, bright work reflects his spirit. His mom gave him his first spray cans when he turned 12 and that’s when the frenzy started.

At the same time, his future girlfriend, Ilse, was discovering her own passion for drawing, by making small artworks and crafts projects. Fate and their passion for creating beautiful illustrations brought them together in art school, when they competed against each other. Eventually, Ilse became his girlfriend and his partner in crime. They work independently, in their own studios, but also spend a great amount of time together, trading cheesy dates for collaborative art projects. Their styles carry a slight resemblance with each other, which is why they blend so well in common artworks, without losing the individual flavor. Their work led to an exhibition, posters, memory games, but also bold murals.

Blending love for one another and common love for illustration and art is no easy job, but these two seem to have found the secret to a fresh bond that throws creative sparks all around.

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