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Jonas Singer was born in Bethesda, grew up in Chevy Chase, and is now hunkered down in D.C. Together with Cullen Gilchrist, Jonas has opened Blind Dog Cafe, 2B Studios, and Union Kitchen. Each of these businesses has in common that they strive to build culture and community - and that there is cheap rent in each space. The other common thread is that Cullen does most of the work and Jonas does most of the talking. It works out well that way.

The end goal - beyond paying the mortgage - is to help create the city we all want to live in while also showing the many corporate landlords in the city that local businesses are the best business to invest in - with money, real estate, and opportunity.

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It's a challenge worth undertaking because it's what leads to a city by the people and for the people. It's your neighbors and your friends and you creating the city around you. So much of your city for so long has been outside of the force of the people actually using it, people actually in this room. I want a city that reflects me. It reflects who I am, what I want. I want a city that is authentic to me. That starts and ends with food. It starts and ends with the people around us being in charge of the user experience. — Jonas Singer

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