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Jimmy is a digital creative and consultant. He holds an MA in Integrated Design and comes from a background of visual communication, design research and academic teaching.

In the past years, Jimmy focused on crafting experiences in the digital sphere. Working full time in digital and consulting agencies, he developed digital concepts for clients such as Nike, Mazda, and Covestro. As experience lead on multinational projects, Jimmy’s scope of work included research, experience design, and strategy. Additionally, he was invited on numerous occasions as a guest lecturer in Design Research; His recent talks in Cologne and Beirut highlighted responsibility in experience design.

Always on the hunt for something new, Jimmy also finds his passion in various fields as he’s a street photographer, videographer, art enthusiast and occasionally a dance performer.

For January’s theme “surreal”, Jimmy takes us into a journey of being flabbergasted between two realities. From André Breton’s “the exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine” to China rating its citizens, the talk dives into our subjective take on reality. When we get numb in front of the multitude of realities; be it cultural differences, subconscious triggers, or even social media lives.

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