About the speaker

Jim Murray is the president of A.K. Rikk’s, a luxury lifestyle clothing store located in Cascade. This February will mark 9 years spent building this mini fashion empire. It may seem that his job is just clothing and furniture, but Jim would disagree. He believes his job is to make people the best versions of themselves, whether that be a client or someone who works for the organization. Jim’s excessive need for more knowledge lends him the opportunity to speak on more than just personal branding by way of wardrobe.

One of Jim’s passions is reading books about leadership and examples of how other companies have obtained growth and success through innovative and strategic thought processes. Another way he absorbs knowledge is by watching TED talks or documentaries. If you know Jim, story-telling is a quality that he embraces. According to him, everything has the ability to be a story: a store window, a party and especially a person. He loves sharing his story and that of his accomplished staff.

When not telling stories or pursuing new knowledge to share with others, you may find him out indulging in the best food in Grand Rapids or New York while traveling for buying trips or spending time with his wife and three children, all in which to create another story that goes back to a teaching moment.

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