Hello there. I'm a graphic designer, simply trying to beautify the physical and digital world around me. I specialize in responsive web design, print design, and brand identity, including logo design, brand collateral, and marketing campaigns.

My software strengths include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Experience Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, and InVision, and I am dedicated to staying current on new software tools and updates.

I enjoy the challenge of problem solving and informing by creative means. I excel in synthesizing information in order to visually communicate it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I am self-directed and independent, while also skilled working collaboratively with a team. I hold a strong commitment to excellence in my craft, and I am eager to learn and stay current about design news and trends, with an inherent desire to constantly learn and grow.

In a few words, I'm a designer, coffee addict, sports fanatic, and foodie, with a perpetual case of wanderlust.