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Jennifer Newman is a brand director by day and the founder of Creating Your Own Path, a podcast and media company aimed at bridging the gap between creative endeavors and career fulfillment. The podcast, launched in early 2014, features interviews with inspiring individuals and change-makers from various creative industries. It’s become a platform for collaborations like the CYOP Artist Residency and creative expressions, including Jennifer’s first book “100 Days of Discussion” and physical products celebrating the conversations had on the show. To learn more about Jennifer’s work, visit creatingyourownpath.com

We’ve all heard that cliche about one door closing and another opening, but platitudes like that one glaze over a very important part of the transitions of our lives: the moment (or collection of moments) when the end of one thing meets the beginning of another. No matter what’s ending — a job, a marraige, the life of a loved one, or a really good book — paying attention to those moments is crucial as we process our movements through this life.

Jen will share her own experiences in refining her “pay attention” muscles and how learning from those moments is changing the way she views loss.

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When we are going through something and grief it invited to the party. We owe it to ourselves to allow for those conflicting emotions to come up. And have to pay attention to them. — Jennifer Newman

If you are going through something and there is even a small feeling, a tiny inkling that comes over you to change the situation – you have every right to do so by advocating for yourself. — Jennifer Newman

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