Invest with BrisAsia Festival

February 28, 7:30am - 9:00am AEST. Hosted at CUPO

part of a series on Invest

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Every day we give our time, resources, and energy to the world through our decisions. We might read certain books, join a new community, or pick up a hobby. And whether we acknowledge it or not, every choice we make is an investment either for or against ourselves.

Wise investing requires patience and awareness. It’s an art that combines our knowledge from past experiences with future aspirations to inform where we’ll put our energy and our heart. To live a sustainable creative life requires us to say ‘yes’ to the choices that bring richness into our lives, even when it seems risky.

In the Investment Theory of Creativity, psychologist Robert J. Sternberg discovered: “The greatest obstacle to creativity […] is not exactly strictures from others, but rather the limitations one places on one’s own thinking.”

Take this opportunity to diversify your dreams. Convert your doubts into positive currency and bet on yourself. Without a doubt, you’ll see a worthwhile return.

Our Hong Kong chapter chose this month’s exploration of Invest and Bao Ho illustrated the theme.


We’re excited to be teaming up with BrisAsia Fest this month, who have selected three visual artists to speak on the theme of Invest for about 10 minutes each.

Yin Lu is a Brisbane-based Chinese Australian artist, who graduated from QUT in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts, majoring in Visual Arts, and is currently a postgraduate student at UQ studying Master of Primary Teaching.

Mark du Potiers is an interdisciplinary sculptor, exploring cultural identity through various material and methods. He draws upon his experiences and anxieties of growing up as an Australian who happens to have Hongkonger and Chinese heritage. His work also references queerness and its additional complexities when viewed through a multicultural lens.

Chloe Bennett (yeahyeahchloe) is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia. She works with her signature clean lines and pop colors to produce bold images that use her obsession of objects to explore connections within our world. Working between digital works and painting, she plays with the line between handmade and mass production. Chloe has worked with a range of international companies including Nike, Postmates, The Standard Hotels and JD Sports and has exhibitied her work in cities around the world including New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.


You’re treated to your morning cuppa joe with The Monday, which exists to explore and connect the Australian specialty coffee community with appreciators and friends. Alex and Tyler are about as passionate about their coffee as they are about community… so make sure you introduce yourself.


Naïm restaurant in Paddington is back as our official 2020 breakfast sponsor. Their head chef, Vince Estacio, is probably planning our tasty brekky bites as we speak.