Inclusive - Sally Kemp

April 19, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Virginia Repertory Theatre's November Theatre

part of a series on Inclusive

About the speaker

Connector. Celebrator. Space-Sharer.

“I create opportunities for people to connect…to awkwardly & beautifully bump into each other and into new ideas.”

And now that you’re here, be brave. Be everyway alive.

The last lines of Peter Gizzi’s poem that, for Sally Kemp, inspire thought and action. As founder of Milk River Arts, Sally uses courage and creativity to inspire a neurodiverse community of artists who make up a collective in the Church Hill neighborhood in Richmond, VA.

Her purpose is simple - Recognize and value the artists who live among us and introduce them to the right mentors & materials so they can support one another and amplify what is their One-of-a-Kind Voice. Sally curates the exchange between artists with and without disabilities and feels the hum of being most fully alive in moments where validation, delight and discovery spring up inside the studio.

She believes in looking for things in the world that feed her own spirit as well as the spirit of others. She encourages you to listen deeply and allow yourself the thrill of stepping into something uncomfortable — she’s finally figured out that life can be more than we ever dreamed it could be when we are open to being unsure how it will turn out. She is most proud of family— both created and chosen- her daughter Zoe, a fierce force of love and strength & her trueblue friends who have helped create a HOME at each of the 9 addresses she has lived in the past 7 years.

Ask her about that one time she reinvented her life and became both Head of Housekeeping and Aspiring Barrel Racer on a Wyoming dude ranch.

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