Natanael Charis shows why he was ready to go 5 feet under a river across the lake with his jeep to visit a humble coffee plant site.

For the love of coffee, we delve more into the importance of its beans and the people harvesting it for a sustainable cup of coffee. Video footage presented by The Mavens Studio, Bandung.

About the speaker

Natanael Charis is a Bandung-based photographer who delved into the love of drinking coffee, and professes his love further to sustain the industry itself within his own hands as an entrepreneur and educating Fair Trade to various coffee plantations.

Non Formal Education: 1991-1998: Professional Photography Courses 2004-2006: Learn about Coffee in Italy and Australia

Achievements: - 1st winner Fuji Film Photo Competition -2008-now started to educate West Java Coffee Farmers to raise the standard of the quality of the coffee and help them to raise the price at the farmers level from Rp. 18K in 2008 up to Rp70K today. -2009 Result from 2008 trained the farmers - Breakthrough West Java Coffee direct export for the 1st time since 2004 -Found OneCupOneSmile program to help less fortunate society surround us by equipping them with skill ex. Barista, Baker training for orphans. -Work together with Kezia School for children with special needs (autism, down syndrome), facilitate them to grow sprouts and micro greens for our Cafe needs. -2015 Selected to be One of 20th Barista in the world to compete in Coffee Masters competition in London.

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