Ahoy! Long-short story, i love making a personal and intimate connection with beings, either it's human, animal, or plant. Also i enjoy seeking perspective and point of views throughout the connection we built, it's interesting how things work.

I personaly in love with Branding, play with human mind and organize perspective into strategical experiential scheme. Every momentous chapter in our life, is a high-pitch experience that touched us in a particular sense we have.

I hope my existence can be your experience to live :)

Branding area, since i personally run a branding studio (POT Branding House). I explore spirituality in a kinda my own way, so if you wanna talk about it i'm gladly share. Well, i enjoy having perspectives about human and de-human things.

Digital strategies stuff, holacracy organizations, emotional branding or human-centered branding more deeper and integrated marketing communication

We only have today

Breakdown and map "things" quickly and profoundly

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