Esther discusses the failure in media to show a balanced view of our gender in culture.

In a provocative discussion of equal gender representation in media & film, Esther quickly breaks the the ice to expose a failure within a male-centric industry. Watch as Esther sheds light onto the values of a diverse culture within tech and creative companies, for a better product and influence in our society.

About the speaker

Esther Pearl is the founder and Executive Director of Camp Reel Stories. She received her Bachelor’s in Visual Arts from U.C.S.D and her M.B.A. in Sustainable Management from The Presidio Graduate School. She has spent 15 years working in Production Management in the Entertainment Industry. The majority of her career was spent at Pixar Animation Studios where her feature film credits include Academy Award winning films The Incredibles and Wall-e, as well as Monsters, Inc. Her other credits include; Titanic, Starship Troopers, Armageddon and What Dreams May Come.

She was also a founding board member and the former President of the Board of Bay Area Girls Rock Camp (BAGRC).

Esther believes in the power of great storytelling to create social change.

Esther lives in Oakland with her husband and two children.

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It can be really uncomfortable to work with someone who comes from a different background than you have, but you'll end up with a better product and the bottom line will be better. — Esther Pearl

For young girls [children’s media] 80% of the time a career is presented to them, the career is "princess." It’s not really a great aspiration. You can’t go to "princess school" and it doesn’t seem like many real princesses are happy. I don't really want that for my daughter. — Esther Pearl

The reality is if we keep up this status quo in the media, this huge gender gap left behind the scenes and on the screen, we're not gonna move the needle towards equal representation in congress, in the boardroom, in the C-suite, in the stem fields... Because if our young people are not seeing it, it's almost impossible for them to be "it". — Esther Pearl

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