Erin Pearson

July 27, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at LogMeIn

part of a series on Intention

About the speaker

Erin Braddock Pearson is a Boston-based Designer and Director with 11 years of experience who is currently managing a team of Product Designers at Logmein. She’s passionate, curious, and loves nothing more than to problem solve and create. She believes that everyone deserves great design, whether it’s providing a seamless user experience or giving someone a much needed moment of escape — design should be simple, approachable, but most of all human.

More about Erin…she has two dachshunds, Buddy and Doodle Stanley. She’s a painter, a lover of interior design, collecting kitsch, and day drinking. She’s bad at spelling, but great at cooking. She makes her bed every single day, loves to read, and is a compulsive list maker. This summer you can find Erin at spin class or Cambridge pools working on her tan.

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If you look closely, you can see the intention behind the action, a project, or a sassy tweet.

Intention is palpable. A hand-written thank you resonates in our hearts more strongly than an email. One person standing for something pales in comparison to a community fighting for something. Beautiful work is not on accident. Beauty grows from the seed of a clear intention.

How do we get better at setting clear intentions?

The same way we improve at anything: with practice, self-awareness, feedback from friends, and learning how to show up more wholeheartedly.

This month’s global exploration of Intention was chosen by our Nashville chapter, and illustrated by Nik Daum.