I am your person when it comes to creating a consistent and meaningful core brand; and creating meaningful (brand) experiences.

Secret to a happy marriage: make your partner laugh once a day; if you're in the right, apologize first; always give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

My toddler. She has literally fallen hundreds of times and gotten back up every single time. When it's a particularly bad fall, she cries a little bit, then she gets over fear and pain and tries again with reckless abandon. She is inquisitive, curious, willful and empathetic and learns a dozen new things a day. Through her eyes I see the world anew - what a wondrous world it is.

Mom strength. I would wrestle a pack of lions if it meant protecting my child. I have never felt more love, more fearlessness, more strength, or more creative, than I have as a mom. I mean, I "made" a human!

How to play chopsticks on the piano.

Morning pages = 3 pages of long hand steady stream of consciousness. There's no right or wrong way to do them, write about anything. Brain Dump. Do it.. it will change your life. Boom. [remaining time 4 mins 45 seconds for Q/A - message me]