I use my art degree! I own a small art business specializing in scherenschnitte (art of paper cutting design), primarily custom pet portraits. By making the pet portraits out of hand cut paper, I am able to highlight the individual personalities of the pet through selective use of shapes and color.

My fine art repertoire includes miniature models made out of cardboard, a life size deer made out of a recycled Christmas tree and literally selling hand painted sea shells by the sea shore.

I am an Office Administrator at Wessling Architects, a full service architecture firm in Quincy.

I earned my bachelor degree in Studio Art with a minor in Art History at Providence College. I am active in the arts community as the Secretary for the Braintree Local Cultural Council, writer for the Brattle Theater Film Blog and member of the Braintree Community Arts Center Development committee.

If you're interested in a custom pet portrait please email me at bridget@bfreed.art

Unusual fur markings, how to face painting while a ship horn is going off and pug wrinkle configurations.

The time to make up your mind about someone or something is never.

My parents because they not only let me pursue art but they exposed me to so many creative resources.

My clumsiness.

The entire layout of my grandparent's house in Pennsylvania.

How to draw a pug.

The goat standing on a turtle.

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