Erik Rodin talks about anxieties, complimentary behaviour, and the role of assholes in your work.

Erik Rodin says that most people spend the majority of their time at work, yet most people HATE their jobs. What if by changing the stories we tell ourselves about our surroundings, we could actually change them?

About the speaker

Erik is an Organisational Designer at August where he helps people, teams and large organisations change the way they work.

Prior to joining August he worked at leading innovation consultancy, What If Innovation, where he led global projects for companies like Lloyd’s Banking Group, Pernod Ricard, and IKEA. He also set up Hyper Island’s London office where he was in charge of running their leadership level MA in Digital Management as well as designing and delivering digital and cultural transformation projects for corporates.

At Creative Mornings under the theme of Anxiety, Erik will share what causes ‘organisational anxiety’ and how best to overcome it.

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If someone were to make a movie script about your life, would you want to watch it? And if it was a movie, what are the choices you would make? What else would you do differently? — Erik Rodin

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