“The surreal experiences are going to make you stronger, but only if you talk about them.”

About the speaker

Elizabeth Traynor is a Boston-based writer, speaker and communications specialist. Her work has been showcased in numerous national and regional publications, including Self, Fitness and Women’s Running magazines. She is an advocate for using creativity to strengthen and share one’s voice and story, and writes about the power of words in the face of grief, trauma and recovery. Elizabeth currently works as the Internal Communications Lead on the Global Communications Team at Converse. In her talk on the theme “Surreal,” Elizabeth will explore what it means to lose your emotional and physical strength through unbelievable circumstances, how storytelling and drawing back the curtain on surreal struggles form a path back to one’s identity - and what happens when you live through the unexpected. In her free time, she loves running, reading, fashion, and testing new recipes in the kitchen – feel free to send her your favorites!

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