Don Reed talks about going beyond fear and the opportunities that opens up

Don Reed – actor, writer, and comedian – speaks on how finding what’s scary and working past it is where the magic lies. His hilarious yet poignant delivery traverses his childhood growing up in Oakland in the 70s, life in LA, and method of going beyond in his craft today.

About the speaker

Don Reed (NBC, NPR, CBS) was the 2016 Snap Judgment Performer of the Year for trans-tale “I Miss Toni” and winner of the 2016 TBA: Theater Bay Area Award for Outstanding Solo Play. He has one of the lead roles in a workplace comedy co-financed by and guest recurring Lin Manuel Miranda of HAMILTON

A San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Nominee and NAACP Triple Nominee for Best Actor & Best Playwright, Don has performed, written and directed for film, television and theater. His work on an HBO Robert Townsend Partners and Crime Special of up-and-coming comedians years ago caught the attention of some major Hollywood players and led to many recurring and guest starring roles on television. You may have heard his voice on: Spiderman, Johnny Quest, Bob’s Burgers produced Huck, Etc, The Voice, Law & Order, Saturday Night Live or most recently on CBS 2 Broke Girls as Nancy the Cat giving birth and having catgasms. Don has written, directed, produced and starred in the HBO Short Films – Lucky: The Irish Pimp and Pookie Watson: Hood Detective. He has written and starred in work for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN and developed screenplays for Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule. Reed was the opening act/warm-up comedian for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for over 1,000 episodes.” He is a board member of the thriving 51Oakland foundation keeping music and the arts alive in Oakland Public Schools.

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Whatever field you’re in, you’ve got to find the scariest [makes fun bleeping noise]’ing thing in your area of profession, and then do it. I mean the scariest thing. The thing like “Nguuuh, I better not touch that!” Touch that, grab it, get on it, and then you can go beyond it. — Don Reed

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