A national reckoning. A time to enlighten and inspire positive action. Conversations like these are a start.

A global pandemic, massive unemployment, national division and unrest, a renewed battle to end racism – how can we start to overcome insecurity and strengthen ourselves and our community? It starts with a bit of courage and a lot of communication. Communication leads to understanding, understanding leads to compassion, compassion leads to never wanting to see another human being hurt. Spend some time – open, honest and non-judgmental – with the CreativeMornings/Omaha volunteer team and community as we navigate through feelings, facts and future conversations based on the book Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton and Sheila Heen. A special thanks to our facilitator Herbie Thompson, a communications professor at University of Nebraska-Omaha.

About the speaker

Four years ago, we did something radical – we rallied together to bring CreativeMornings to Omaha. We’ve been radical ever since: radically welcoming, radically thought-provoking, radically fun-loving.

In 2020, we even pivoted in a radical way to keep connecting and inspiring our hug and high-five craving community. For our birthday event, we created a virtual gallery exhibit featuring the work of our CreativeMornings/Omaha community and celebrated with party packs distributed before the event.

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There are people who, despite their experiences and intelligence and kind-heartedness, they sincerely are lost right now in this time. They do not know; they did not realize. A little bit of patience to get everyone up to speed is necessary, even on the part of those with… I’ve heard people say, ‘It’s not up to black people to help others get up to speed.’ It might not be, but I’m going to try that anyway because it’s necessary. - Steve Gordon — CMO Volunteer Team

There are no easy answers right now. No easy answers to the pandemic, no easy answers to the massive amount of lost jobs or to ending centuries or racist systems, but as Creative Mornings Omaha’s “mom,” if you will, I challenge there are easy answers to showing kindness, compassion and empathy. Creatives seem uniquely built for that. - Kim Sellmeyer — CMO Volunteer Team

It’s important that we remember, as a community, that we’re still going home. We’re still headed to that better place where we all accept each other, where we all value each other, where we don’t have to be afraid of the things that make us different. And while we might not have that reality today, in the form that we want it, that doesn’t mean we can stop hoping. Herbie Thompson — CMO Volunteer Team

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