I am creative mind searching for opportunities to utilize and expand my skills as an effective designer, marketer, and problem solver. I'm an active team player committed to progress, innovation, and excellence with strong leadership, project, and time management skills. My passion and drive to succeed are unparalleled.
Non-Design Interests: Photography, Honey & Digz the dogs, recreational volleyball, hot sauce sampling, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and going down "research rabbit holes" on a wide variety of topics.

Branding, digital marketing, designing beautiful website with the user in mind, creative thinking, brain storming, strategizing, and dreaming big!

When I was in college my professor point out that I "fear open space" in my designs. In the years since, I have actively combatted that fear and it was recently pointed out to me that I have over corrected and now sometimes leave TOO MUCH open space. The struggle is real. I also, sometimes, overuse, commas, in my, writing (I have to mentally breath/pause a lot when I read).

"Be outstanding" - My dad used to tell my siblings and I that every day when we left for school. He never went into what we were supposed to be outstanding at. He just set the expectation for us to do our best at whatever we tried to do.

I admire when a person is able to balance kindness and ambition.

I'm a dog whisperer. They love me and I love them.

A florist or working at a greenhouse.

Random animal facts. I watched A LOT of Animal Planet and read Zoobooks religiously growing up.

I would teach them the value of diversity in a community... Odds are I would need more than five minutes to actually do that, so my second choice is teach them to play Yankee Doodle on the piano.

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