Dennis Vanderbroeck speaks about himself and his work

About the speaker

Artists never stop working. Your work is part of your identity, and your identity is part of your work. When does the first stop, and the later start?

Dennis Vanderbroeck’s life is his work. How to perform life? And how to mythologize yourself? Vanderbroeck creates hyper aesthetic images, blurring the labels between his personal and artistic identity. By using wit and humour he creates playful procedures.

Dennis (NL 1990) is the art director of Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck. In his work he creates crossovers and balances between fine art, fashion and performance art with the use of video, photography and live performances.

Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck is a place where a small team works together on international projects, for both commercial and free purposes. Different art forms come together and where, whether commercial or free, all belong to the universe of Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck.

Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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