Chaos limits creativity. So how do we limit chaos in our lives?

We all experience chaos. Life leads to chaos when not managed. Chaos typically leads to stress, and stress hinders the brain’s capacity to be creative. With the intent of running a long-term business, staying (happily) married, raising three kids, and making a positive impact - let alone getting a goodnight sleep - Dave approaches it all as if it’s another project to design: • Set an overarching goal to know our why. • List priorities for easier decision making. • Future-forecasting challenges to increase chances of overcoming them. Look at chaos in a powerful new way – and walk away with a framework to design your own day/life.

About the speaker

About Dave:

Dave Nelson, a former professional skateboarder, is the Founder and Creative Director of SecretPenguin, an experiential branding agency.

In the 90s, he got beat up for being a skateboarder and artist. After that, he traveled the world skateboarding and doing art for the skateboard companies he was endorsed by. Since 2000, he has overseen the creation/refinement of over 200 brands.

He lives in Omaha and is married to Sara Jean. They have a daughter named Olive Jane and 2 sons named Baby Bob and Arthur.

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“I want to design my life in a way where my kids can grow up and look back and think of me as someone who showed them by example and being present for them and showed them that, when things get hard, to not just worry about it, but to be concerned about it and then to take action to make things better. And at the very least, I just don’t want my kids to think of me as the guy that always forgot their lunch.” — Dave Nelson

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