Creative Social Responsibility with Aon Raza Naqvi

part of a series on Divergent

About the speaker

Aon Raza Naqvi (b. 1989 in Oslo) is a journalist, poet, public speaker, and author from Larvik. Aon has worked in TV, media, advertising, music and literature. He is also the creator of the book Third Culture Kids, an anthology about growing up between cultures in Norway. In this morning’s talk, he will talk about creative social responsibility and (his own) philosophy.

Photo credit: Michael “Akam1k3” Angeles

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🌯Warmup: Breakfast burritos live cooking demo

Manuela is the host of Manu’s Kitchen Table, her passion project and work in progress Youtube series. She is a multi-cultural latina, passionate foodie and amateur cook and videographer, with a mission to break stereotypes. With this show, she intends to tell the stories of people living in Oslo of different backgrounds, using food as a means to engage in personal and difficult conversations.


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