CM Rewind: Spectrum

September 25, 8:30am - 10:15am BST. Hosted at Zoom

part of a series on Spectrum

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Earlier this year the world around us got turned on its head. And months later, we’re still finding our way around a new reality that shapeshifts just as it becomes familiar.

Creative work is, in many ways, a response to the world as it is experienced. How then have people managed to create work and bounce ideas off at a time when they’re not able to come together? Where do you seek inspiration when you’re spending months between the same four walls? How have the last few months changed the way you work?

We asked previous speakers Abadesi Osunsade, Hana Walker-Brown, Dr. Mandana Seyfeddinipur and Sam Lee to let us into their creative evolution. Their spectrum of perspectives will help us reflect on our own experience of what’s been the most unprecedented time of our lives.

Join us as we return, realise and reimagine. ** **Zoom link will be shared on Thursday morning

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Abadesi Osunsade

Author, founder of Hustle Crew, co-host of Techish podcast, and VP global community and belonging of Brandwatch, Abadesi’s work is making tech people-friendly by holding it accountable when it comes to representation, particularly for women and people of colour. Her October 2018 talk responded to the theme of Honesty.

Hana Walker-Brown

London-based creative Hana dons more hats than we can count—author, podcaster, journalist, international award-winning documentary maker, composer, radio producer and executive producer at Broccoli Content and Sony Music. Hana’s September 2018 talk responded to the theme of Chaos.

Dr. Mandana Seyfeddinipur

A linguist at SOAS, Mandana works at the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, which documents endangered languages across the globe. In 2014 she took over the Endangered Languages Archive where these recordings are preserved. Mandana’s June 2019 talk responded to the theme of Wonder.

Sam Lee

Sam is a Mercury Prize nominated and award-winning folk singer, song collector, radio host, broadcaster and animateur. He’s also artistic director of the award-winning folk club The Nest Collective, which brings traditional music to new venues and audiences. Sam’s December 2018 talk responded to the theme of Tradition.