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Chung Lee is Co-Founder and CEO of Good Fruit Co. and part of the Hip Hop trio called AMP. His passion is to unify with like-minded, like-hearted people to engage, impact, and influence culture in a positive way. Growing up in a small home with 17 other family members, Chung realized the struggles of living in America as a poor immigrant family. His childhood was not an easy one to understand being physically and emotionally abused leading him down a path of finding joy in alcohol and drugs. For 13 years, struggling through these addictions and living through the struggles and pains of life, he never had a role model to look up to or anyone to guide him. Being older now, married for 7 years and having his own daughter, his heart reaches out to the young generation hoping to be someone who can understand and listen to their struggles while encouraging them from making wrong decisions in life. Chung runs the label with fellow Co-Founders James Han and Sam Ock entering into their 6th year of navigating through the music industry. As an artist, he has toured throughout the United States and Korea, but his focus is not building a money-driven, success-operating label, but rather to create a legacy where the mission and purpose of impacting people could be passed down to future generations because we all need to be reminded there is hope, joy, and great purpose in the midst of the pain and turmoil of life. To give up when things get tough means to have never started at all. Music is not the easiest journey to walk but it is a powerful way to reach people and remind them that there is a greater purpose in life other than ourselves.

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