I recently moved back to Korea (home of Dooly) after 12 years overseas – specifically, 8 years in India, 3 years in Madagascar and 1 year in Singapore.What did I do over the last 12 years?▪ Worked in textile factories (this doesn’t mean I can sew all that well, but I’m pretty good at selling clothes to others): sourcing material from one country, manufacturing in another country, and selling to a third country▪ Travelled the world, visiting 5 continents – I’m saving South America for future trips▪ Community development – started classes for ladies in India who didn’t have opportunities to learn, including teaching math in my simple Hindi▪ Caught fish and froze them to export to Korea and Japan▪ Established a Private Limited company to conduct consultation, interpretation and translation, and to act as a trading agent▪ Volunteered at JOYN, the coolest social entrepreneurship company I know▪ Made friends from all over the world▪ And so many other things!What’s my life motto?“Life is a pilgrimage”A few sentences to describe myself:I am a TRUE BELIEVER-I believe that Jesus Christ is my King.I am a WORLD CHANGER- I believe that the world we live in will be a better place in the future.I am a MULTI TASKER- I have a pretty amazing ability to jump from one task to another, or do more than one thing at the same time in a fantastic way. In Korea, people can live up to 100 years, and I have great skills to prepare me for a long future.I am a CROSS-CULTURER- I love different cultures; I prefer to jump right in rather than watching from the sidelines.I am a PASSIONISTA- I am full of passion towards things I think are right, and towards any mission I have been given.

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"Jay you cook really fast"

seriously I have met at least 100 in my lives. I admire them because their lives inspire me the most

I'm seriously thinking to become a creative tour guide to show the world.

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