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Fantasy—Our Laboratory for Being Human

“I want to encourage people to look at fantasy stories not simply as escapism, but as a language used to discuss the human condition that has been with us since the dawn of humanity.”

Christopher Ouellette runs Chesterton Stage Productions, which is currently housed at The Strand Ballroom in Dover. He is the host of the “Beware Of Monsters” podcast where he interviews fascinating film directors, musicians, artists and other creatives who work with monsters. Christopher also teaches workshops and gives lectures on understanding story structure.

He home schools his two daughters (7 and 10) and to quote “ I married far out of my league.”

You can catch up on Christopher and his podcast below:

Beware of Monsters Facebook Page

Listen or subscribe to Beware of Monsters here on iTunes

Chesterton Stage Productions

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J.R.R. Tolkien said that Fantasy is the "back door to your heart." Your willing to explore ideas that may not be safe. There is a very scary political climate right now, but if we start discussing the dark lord Sauron and how he took over Middle Earth, we can actually have a safe conversation in a mirror world. — christopher ouellette

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