ringleader at Lumina Life Photography, a commercial studio in downtown Portsmouth. lover of almost all things orange...stardust gazer...green tea drinker...branding fairy godmother.

why or why not a chocolate chip cookie tastes good (or, put another way...HIDDEN DESIGN and how it works, or doesn't, and why)

i am a step one girl...need help with steps 2-100

wow, tough one...I recently heard some (more) great advice from Blair Enns - "Purposeful creative destruction = evolution."

right now it's Bernadette Jiwa, Eric Karjaluoto, Blair Enns, Seth Godin, and Christopher Butler at Newfangled - they are all walking the walk of the kind of "full person integration" that I feel defines modern design thinking.

"step one girl" - I can give you step one for any project on earth. But I def need sidekicks and colleagues for the rest.

coffee & tea Barista - it's probably my true love, if I had to admit

good design (and bad)

how to make the perfect cup of sencha tea

anything with Seinfeld or Austin Powers