Rescuing food not only combats food waste, but it also transforms our neighborhoods from food deserts into healthy thriving communities.

Christine Alford is the Executive Director of the Denver Food Rescue. Her journey has included challenging beginnings and ends, triumphs over adversity and using her voice to advocate for others. Christine will share her story and ways we as creatives can use our talents to end injustices in our communities, and how providing a seat at the table for those we serve can bring authenticity and greater impact to our life’s work.

About the speaker

For July’s world-wide theme of “END”, Christine Alford, Executive Director of the Denver Food Rescue, will be joining us! Christine has been a Five-Points resident for the past 10 years, and during this time, she has worked in over five schools within the Denver Public Schools system. She has supported over 80 students and their families by maintaining positive relationships and providing them with the resources needed to become self-sufficient.

Christine first became involved with Denver Food Rescue about three years ago when she began running a No Cost Grocery Program with a partnered organization, Heart and Hand. Shortly after, she joined Denver Food Rescue’s Board. Christine is excited to continue to provide healthy food for communities in and around Denver while educating others on healthy choices, food systems, and sustainability.

We are excited to learn from Christine about the creative approach they are taking to ending food waste around Denver and how they are supporting families in need of healthy food options.

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