Charles talks about how social hospitality, systemic activation & sacrificial generosity can open doors to justice.

About the speaker

Charles is the Founder & CEO at Ideation, an idea-execution company that specializes in helping brands scale their business by effectively integrating their strategic plans into day-to-day implementation. Ideation fills this gap between strategy and implementation with innovative approaches to idea execution, business strategy, brand (re)development & effective storytelling, and creative services that bridge concepts into the real world. He is also the author of Good Idea. Now What?: How to Move Ideas to Execution, a practical book designed to help people move ideas to implementation.

Charles is regularly invited to advise and speak to leading brands on topics such as creativity, innovation, idea-making, brand strategy, and ideation. Executive leaders from brands including Toyota, Wells Fargo, Google, TOMS, NBCUniversal, WME, Caterpillar, Sequoia Capital, Vanguard Financial, ONE Campaign, (RED), and many others have benefited from engaging Charles on various projects and events. In addition to advising and speaking, Charles has served as host and/or facilitator for numerous events with NY Times best-selling authors and executives from brands including Google, Twitter, MLB, Starwood, Disney, CAA, Toyota, TOMS, charity: water, United Way, World Vision, and many others.

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