Carolyn Sewell shares lessons from her rich career.

About the speaker

Carolyn Sewell is a letterer and illustrator in Washington, DC. A potty-mouthed lover of all things typographic and unicorny, she creates work that is lovely, irreverent, and shiny. Extremely happy, but never satisfied, Carolyn collects passion projects like others collect stamps. Her year-long project of daily-drawn “Postcards To My Parents” pivoted her career from graphic design to hand-lettering. Since then, her work has been published in Communication Arts, PRINT Magazine, Grafik, HOW, CMYK, and The Washington Post. Lesson learned: draw something every day and be nice to your folks. In her spare time, she contributes to A Quote Apart and takes elaborate Sketchnotes. Her favorite color is glitter and folks say she’s nice.

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A fantastic video to watch, super funny and informative. Learned quite a bit, and finally the lettering and illustration work is absolutely amazing!

Ilissa-Christina King