We all have backgrounds that we think define us. Carlos speaks about the change we can affect by making our own realities and positive change regardless of where we think our roots come from.

About the speaker

Carlos B.P. McCray, also known as Smiles, is a Social Entrepreneur and a lover of life. You can spot Carlos wearing a smile and reminding us of the choices we each have in our pursuits of happiness. As a true believer in the power of human connection and extracting the good from every interaction, he often leaves people he interacts with walking away in the direction of his or her dreams. Carlos is powered by the belief that anything is possible, especially through mutually beneficial partnerships and collaboration, and brings that into every moment of his life. Carlos is determined to shatter the “because that’s how we’ve always done it” ideology and eclipse it with models of sustainable change by blending the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. Through his passion to empower those living in underserved communities, he works daily on illuminating and leveling the playing field. He has channeled his MSW degree while co-founding several social enterprises including, The Dojo Cafe, StaySmilinLife, and his non-profit Get Empowered Today. Carlos can also be found motivating, inspiring, and teaching Social Work classes at Cuyamaca Community College and SDSU.

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