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Beyond What You Think You Can Stand

We often assume we can’t do something because it looks scary, because it hurts, or because on the surface it appears difficult. The first step in reaching our full creative potential is to boldly own the things we think define us. It takes hard work and heart work, and there are no shortcuts. In this examination of “Beyond” Carley will show the audience that often times our biggest breakthroughs lie just beyond what we think we can stand.

“What do you do for a living?” is Carley’s least favorite question in the world. She much prefers, “What do you live for?” Because you can tell a lot about a person by what makes them get out of bed in the morning. For Carley, that thing is writing.

A copywriter by trade, marketer by chance, and blogger and essayist by choice, Carley has spent the last six years in the ad agency world crafting stories for brands we all know and love. By melding her own personal life experiences with universal truths, Carley has been able to share authentic and relatable human experiences, grabbing the attention of those who need her words the most. Her work has appeared in national and global advertising and public relations campaigns for Pepsi, Zappos, HelloGiggles, AdAge, Tropicana, AOL, General Electric, Thought Catalog, The Dutch Embassy, Quaker, NH Travel and Tourism, PayPal, Stance, Timberland, and her own personal Blog, The Renegade Rulebook.

While putting her ideas on paper, packaging, billboards, websites, and in commercials is a way of life, putting her own raw and vulnerable truths into the universe for others to connect with is her only mission. That, and encouraging you to get up off your ass and take a few risks. Whether it’s a campaign, a blog post, or over coffee, Carley lives for getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, provoking self-awareness, calling BS on normal, and empowering others to step beyond their comfort zones and embrace their inner outcasts. If nothing else, she wants you to know that you have someone in your corner, fighting the good fight alongside you.

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