Brittsense talks about photographing beauty in communities where the media portrays only struggle

Brittani Sensabaugh is from Deep East Oakland, a community long portrayed as being full of crime and despair, but a place where she finds love, community, BBQs, and beauty. She’s documented 10 other cities from New York to New Orleans to Jamaica as part of her project “222forgottencities.” Extending beyond just taking photographs, she also has put her work on billboards alongside messages of power, love, and community. In an act of uplifting areas that are food deserts, she counters the dominant advertising narrative of consuming liquor, smoking, and eating fast food.

About the speaker

With Brittani’s 222ForgottenCities movement, she has made it her business to go and document all the places around the world where melanated people live that the media keeps a one dimensional view on. DeepEastOakland, South Jamaica Queens- NY, Brownsville - Brooklyn, 8thward Mandeville - New Orleans, Englewood Chicago, North Philadelphia, West Baltimore, Watts California and (Tivoli Gardens) - Kingston Jamaica just to name a few. Through these travels and visual cultivations, Brittani realized that we are all connected, not just through the struggle, but beyond the flesh & through the spirit. We are beautiful & it’s undeniably evident our vibrations keep this world spinning.

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