When it comes down for it, the person who gets the gig is the person who can hang.

Nobody hires you because you’re the best musician. Larry “mutherf*ckin” Legend learned that from his past life as a jazz musician and recording engineer. When the music industry began to go down the tubes, he got in touch with his “computer nerd roots” and became a developer, building iPhone and iPad apps under the moniker House of Legend.

Larry was one of our three “The Audience Takes the Stage” speakers in December of 2011. He shares key insights learned in his past life as a musician on working and interacting with people, and how those lessons shaped his current success as a developer.

About the speaker

Larry Legend is a software developer obsessed with great design, user experience, and the web, and the founder of House of Legend, an iPhone and iPad app development company based in Brooklyn, NY. Before getting back in touch with his computer nerd roots, Larry graduated from the Berklee College of Music and engineered over two dozen commercial recordings, for clients as diverse as Xzibit, GZA, DJ Logic, Ron Carter, and Spin Magazine.

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