People think Aralyn Hughes lives a shocking life. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, Aralyn’s early life was anything but “shocking.” Oh, how times change. This pioneer for women’s rights and self-proclaimed “Queen of Weird” took attendees to this month’s talk on a colorful, poignant, and shocking journey through her incredible life. Whether it was teaching students about sex in a time when such topics were taboo, being among the first women in the US to obtain a legal abortion, or driving around Austin in her banana-topped art car, Aralyn Hughes makes a habit out of disrupting social norms. And the world is better for it.

About the speaker

For over 33 years Aralyn Hughes has been an icon in Austin helping to keep the city as bright, colorful, and unique as she is. You wouldn’t be shocked to see her driving a banana-topped art car around town or her over-the-top apartment listed on the “Keep Austin Weird Homes Tour.”

Aralyn has appeared as an ambassador for Austin on HGTV, Discovery Channel, both national and local CBS networks, various radio stations, and local venues like Zachary Scott Theater.

She is co-author of IN THE WEST, one of the longest running monologue shows in Austin, which also played the Kennedy Center and was later adapted into the movie DEEP IN THE HEART. Aralyn became a performance artist, storyteller and non fiction monologist in her sixties. She performed eight original pieces in her series “Aralyn’s Home Economics” and was then accepted to perform her newest show in NYC at the International Solo Theater Fetival in Nov 2013.

Aralyn was even the subject of a documentary. LOVE IN THE SIXTIES is the story of one small town woman from Oklahoma, who came of age in the 1960s (and who now is in her sixties) is taking on some serious baby boomer questions about love, sex and death with an adventurous and outrageous “artistic” curiosity to find herself —even at the cost of “ruining her reputation.“

If all that wasn’t enough, Aralyn recently completed her first book, an anthology about child-free women who came of age in the 1960s. KID ME NOT features stories of women who made the decision to not have children. They were the first generation of women to have truly had a choice, due to the advent of the birth control pill.

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