Xander Wiersma talks about the apps they make at Appracadabra and what makes an app appeal to children and their parents alike.

About the speaker

In his talk Xander will share his views on the different elements of PLAY and how he incorporates these into his work. The importance of animations, illustrations and interaction and how they can help create a fun and educational game that children love to play around with.

The world of playing has changed enormous the last 6 years. Not only became digital playing accessible for young children, we can also now play digitally anytime and everywhere. As a designer for Kids Apps and a father of two, Xander talks about his point of view.

Appracadabra is a Dutch publisher of wonderfully illustrated and educational apps for children. Every app has its own theme, like counting or relations between objects (small-big). We believe playing and tapping along is a good way to develop certain skills in your child.

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