Can logic and emotion coexist? Can you change the way people think without coming across as preaching? Anne Raudaskoski answers these tough questions and more.

Anne Raudaskoski answers tough questions about discovering her current self, animal rights, racism and empathy, and how to change the way people think without coming across as preaching.

About the speaker

This month’s theme is ETHICS and our speaker has founded a company called Ethica - a bit of an obvious choice, you may think. Anne Raudaskoski’s path however isn’t obvious at all: she is a modern dancer turned sustainability consultant.

After ten years of working as a modern dancer and dance teacher she packed her bags and moved to the UK. Her studies in international relations lead her to dive into sustainability. She knew she had found a second passion in life.

At work Anne Raudaskoski challenges organizations to be more transparent and to create value not only for their customers but the society, environment and other stakeholders too. Off duty she reminds us that there is also the individual’s ETHICS: our everyday choices and the willingness be compassionate towards others.

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