If intelligence is the ability to connect the dots, the first step is to gather them. That’s what curiosity is about.

In a world of specialists, it is time for the rise of the generalists. Anna Rascouët-Paz speaks on why we need to be more curious and surround ourselves with people who think differently than ourselves.

Previously at Bloomberg News in London, first as a producer covering European markets, then as a print reporter covering sovereign debt and currencies, Anna was also the first editor-in-chief at Evening Edition. These days, she hosts the Annual Reviews Conversations audio series, where she interviews scientists at the top of their field. She knows her stuff.

About the speaker

Anna Rascouët-Paz is a journalist by trade. Both French and Colombian by birth, she has lived in eight countries on four continents, speaking a handful of languages to match. Anna spent six years as a segment producer and financial reporter at Bloomberg News in Europe, navigating global currency markets and covering international political and economic events such as the World Economic Forum and the G8. She now lives and works in the tech-and-design capital of San Francisco.

Currently, Anna hosts the Annual Reviews Conversation Series podcast, in which she interviews some of the world’s brightest and most influential researchers. Recent topics include the intersection of economics and social issues, the importance of interdisciplinary study, and the consequences of scientific illiteracy. Anna can’t imagine going through life without asking questions.

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Find somebody who disagrees with you on everything. Go argue with them as often as you possibly can. Get scrappy. Blood will be drawn. That's how you have to think about it. What this does is it's going to help you define your ideas. When they're challenged you're going to be forced to shape them. You're going to be forced to bag them up. — Anna Rascouët-Paz

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