The ability to reuse and remix is so baked into our tools, it has rewritten our culture.

We learn to make great art by copying, and we participate in our culture by reusing and modifying what we see. But the law hasn’t caught up with our changing values, effectively criminalizing the creativity of millions. Cover songs on YouTube, fanfic, mashups, and supercuts all violate copyright, and lawyers are starting to find new tools to discover and enforce infringement. Welcome to the new Prohibition.

About the speaker

Andy Baio is a writer and coder who loves making things. His most recent projects are XOXO, a festival and conference celebrating indie artists and hackers, and Playfic, a community for writing and sharing interactive fiction. He helped build Kickstarter, produced Kind of Bloop, and created, the collaborative calendar acquired by Yahoo in 2005. Original reporting on his blog,, has been featured in the New York Times, Wired, and NPR.

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