Almondi Esco speaks about his survival path in the movie production

About the speaker

Almondi Esco is a director, producer and a branded entertainment executive whose main job today is to breathe life into a 2 mil+ € animated feature “The Survivalist - Danger Island” that aims not to be just the best story out there, but also help The Estonian Rescue Board in inspiring people to become true survivalist.

We will talk about the strategy of survival on the scale of a big project, where the project is a “step-by-step” construction. In this context, we will talk about the variety of problems that occur while installing these layers.

Almondi Esco and his trail of lock holds in surviving “The Survivalist”.

“I used to do ju-jitsu when I was young. I sucked at it. Every time I sparred I was taken down in a matter of seconds. And yet at that unfortunate position, I found something paramount - the importance of the ability to survive. Although getting me down in a lock hold might have been easy, getting me to surrender… well, that was a whole different story. Today as the director and producer of a seven-figure animated feature film “The Survivalist - Danger Island”, I am often reminded of those moments lying face down on that sweaty sparring matt, as looking back at this journey it has been nothing less than a trail of lock holds, where the only way out is simply not to give up.”

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