As a storyteller, Adrian Gonzalez knows the power of authentically sharing who you are. But for years, he’s denied telling the truth of his own story.

Adrian Gonzalez is a Mexican-born writer, creator, brand strategist and taco aficionado. Armed with a degree in marketing and a passion for storytelling, he helps brands connect with their identity and find the best way to share it. It’s mostly a lot of staring at Pantone palettes and saying things like “tasteful.” Creativity is infinitely fascinating, and he’s on a mission to learn as much about it as possible.

Our self-identity is paramount in everything we do, from choosing the perfect brunch spot to mining our creative prowess in an effort to create meaningful work. But can someone’s life truly be meaningful when devoid of context? Adrian will present a story about the impossibility of living fully while keeping a large chunk of your story hidden in the dark - from everyone else and, most importantly, from yourself.

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