CreativeMornings is often described as an engine of generosity.

Our free monthly events in nearly 200 cities around the world wouldn’t be possible without the generous efforts of 1500 volunteers, supported by global, content, and local partners.

With their support, over 20,000 monthly attendees meet in-person to get inspired, hear new ideas, and connect with like-minded creatives. Above all, these events remain free and accessible to anyone. Our partners make a significant investment in CreativeMornings and are the key reason why we’ve become the world’s largest face-to-face creative community.

Partnerships can feel like a loose term. CreativeMornings isn’t about stamping logos on walls and calling it a partnership. We choose partners that are champions of the creative life. Our partners believe in the magic—and necessity—of in-person communities; they are the companies that give a damn, leading with empathy and heart to help shape the future.

Photo credit: Hannah Cohen from CreativeMornings/NewYork

What is HQ and what are local chapters?

Think of HQ as the mothership. We support our community of organizers with brand guidelines, design assets, documentation, and tools to set them up for success.

HQ works with Global and Content partners on projects that support the creative community, both online and offline.

Local partners work directly with the city’s chapter, supporting the local creative community.

A local chapter is powered by a team of volunteers: a host, which is the team lead, and the many volunteers that help with photography, video, social media, setting up the venue, finding speakers, and local partners.

Photo credit: Left: CreativeMornings/Tijuana. Bottom right: CreativeMornings/Nashville. Top right: Diana Elena from CreativeMornings/Sacramento.

Photo credit: Laura Santopietro from CreativeMornings/Rome

These big-hearted humans give around 40 hours a month—on top of their full-time jobs and families—to create a space for their neighbors to gather monthly and get inspired. The city feels a lot smaller and closer at a CM event. Mission accomplished.

A local chapter is supported by local partners—bakeries, design agencies, coffee shops, or mid-to-large companies with offices in those cities. These in-kind gifts and funds enable the volunteer team to consistently create monthly events for the local community. In turn, the events are always free and accessible.

Photo credit: Top left: CreativeMornings/MexicoCity. Top right: CreativeMornings/LasVegas. Bottom left: CreativeMornings/Bangalore. Bottom right: Carlos-Alonso from CreativeMornings/Montevideo

Get Involved

We offer three different options for partnerships.

Local partners support a city’s local chapter. We are currently in 200 cities. When you inquire to be a local partner, you’ll be speaking to the host of the chapter.

Global and Content partnerships work with the HQ team based in Brooklyn, New York.

Content partnerships are on a monthly or annual basis.

Global partnerships are a minimum one-year commitment and we’re thoughtful on how this impacts our global community.

Learn more about them below: