Official Partners

CreativeMornings wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of Official Partners and local sponsors. With their support, this series of events can grow, and remain free and accessible to anyone. Our Official Partners make a significant investment in CreativeMornings and are the key reason why CM exists worldwide. CreativeMornings hearts our partners!

Official Partner for Communication:

Ben Chestnut MailChimp Co-Founder @benchestnut

Best advice Ben has received:

“‘These things take time.’ The back story is that I was frustrated with our business, because it had been five years and we didn’t seem to be moving fast enough. I was ready to throw in the towel, and I was just ranting to a random person that I cornered. I’m sure he was just trying to get me to calm down and go away, because the advice is soooo simple and generic. But for some reason it calmed me down. I’m glad I stuck with it. Changed my life.”

Official Partner for Visual Inspiration:

Jon Oringer Shutterstock Founder @jonoringer

Best advice Jon has received:

“Never give up. Keep trying. Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Photo by William Hereford

Official Partner for Web Publishing:

Nir Zohar President of Nir

Best advice Nir has received:

“Always eat your own dog food - if you don’t use your own product, you will never really know if it’s good or not.”

Official Partner for Creative Tools: