Content Partners

At CreativeMornings, we love—and get inspired by—the work that creative companies are doing.

A content partnership is where we share a creative company’s work with our community.

Because we don’t have a massive content team, we work with companies that are already creating thoughtful resources catered to champion the creative life. By being part of our community, we already share common ground and uphold similar values. This fosters trust, and in turn, magic. We are serving the same people.

Content partnerships are successful when:

  1. We love what you’re creating or offering
  2. We believe your work is something our community wants or will benefit from
  3. You love us and what we stand for

While any revenue is helpful for our small team, we’re intentional and careful with who we do content partnerships with. We promote this work on our newsletter and social media channels and want to avoid inundating our community. More content is not the answer—the right content, powered by context, is the sweet spot. You will never see us sharing car ads (unless that car answers emails for you, makes you coffee and fresh croissants, then maybe).

What are you making that can support this community?

How do you measure the success of content partnerships?

Companies that sign on understand that we are not metrics driven—we’re community-driven. They see the enormous benefit of having their service/product in front of an audience like ours. They know that they will probably get more conversions from AdWords but they choose instead to cultivate the brand love and awareness that comes with a partnership with CreativeMornings. It’s special. If you’re a metrics-only-driven company, we totally get where you’re coming from. This isn’t the best fit for you. Simply put, the companies that support us have a marketing budget and rather than running ads on Facebook or Google, they invest in us, and in turn, we invest in them.

I’m interested! Who do I talk to?

Drop a kind, thoughtful note to! Bonus points if you include your favorite GIF!

Get Involved

We offer two other options for partnerships.

Local partners support a city’s local chapter. We are currently in nearly 200 cities. When you inquire to be a local partner, you’ll be speaking to the host of the chapter.

Global and Content partnerships work with the HQ team based in Brooklyn, New York.

Global partnerships are a minimum one-year commitment and we’re thoughtful on how this impacts our global community.

Learn more about them below: