Local Partners

Since every CreativeMornings event is free of charge, each one of our nearly 200 chapters looks to local partners to help provide breakfast, coffee, a welcoming venue and more.

It’s thanks to these generous local partners that CreativeMornings remains open and accessible to everyone (who’s willing to wake up early!).

Sponsoring a CreativeMornings event is a great way to reach your city’s creative community whether you’re interested in supporting the local chapter, launching a product, or hiring new talent.

Photo credit, top left: Steve-Weinik from CreativeMornings/Philadelphia. Top right: Dale Carlson from CreativeMornings/Minneapolis. Bottom left: Sandy Swagger Jones from CreativeMornings/Raleigh. Bottom right: Tim Harris from CreativeMornings/Louisville.

What usually happens at a CreativeMornings?


Registration for each event opens at the beginning of the week on the chapter’s CreativeMornings.com page.

Tickets are free, but you have to be quick because many of our events fill up fast.

If you get a ticket, you can show up (events are usually on Friday morning) and enjoy free breakfast, meet your local community, and hear an inspiring 20-minute talk from a neighbor that’s related to the monthly global theme.

After the talk, there’s usually a Q&A and then you’re out of the door by 10 AM, inspired to pass the feelings forward.

Photo credit: Tora Chirila from CreativeMornings/Montreal.

Photo credit, top left: Grzegorz Stadnik from CreativeMornings/Wroclaw. Top right: Paul Jun from CreativeMornings/NewYork. Bottom left: Mark Lobo from CreativeMornings/Melbourne. Bottom right: Rachel Jolley from CreativeMornings/StPete.

How do partners help?

Most chapters accept both monetary and in-kind partnership.

Both types of partnerships help local chapters secure a venue, provide free breakfast, coffee, and cover other event costs such as videographers, rentals, and more.

This kind of generosity and local collaboration is what creates a free monthly event for cities around the world.

Photo credit: Tim Harris from CreativeMornings/Louisville.

Photo credit: Norman Posselt from CreativeMornings/Berlin.

Photo credit: Paul Jun from CreativeMornings/NewYork.

I’m interested! Who do I talk to?

Each chapter manages their own local partnerships. You can get in contact with any of our chapters here.

If you’d like to speak to someone about getting involved on a larger level, you can reach out to CM/Headquarters using the same form.

Pro tip: Go to a CreativeMornings event in your city first. We really want you to feel the magic of the event, the energy in the room so that you can feel empowered to support your local chapter. When you start realizing just how creative your city and the local community is, the place you call home carries a deeper meaning.

Get Involved

We offer two others options for partnerships.

Global and Content partnerships work with the HQ team based in Brooklyn, New York.

Content partnerships are on a monthly or annual basis.

Global partnerships are a minimum one-year commitment and we’re thoughtful on how this impacts our global community.

Learn more about them below: