Global Partners

Global Partners fuel the engine of generosity that is CreativeMornings.

Our Global Partners are industry-leading companies that support and inspire a creative life. The synergy between their products and our community are immediately obvious.

Together, our goal is to continuously support, celebrate, and encourage creatives to make the things they love.

Global Partners work directly with the HQ team that is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Official Partner for Web Publishing Official Partner for Marketing Official Partner for Project Management

Why global partnerships?

Building community takes time and can be challenging, especially when our hearts are set on making all events free, forever. This constraint has inspired the unique engine of generosity that is CreativeMornings.

Photo credit: Tory Williams

The gift of CreativeMornings is in its non-transactional giving. You sign up for free, go to an event greeted by warm smiles, a hug or a high-five, enjoy free breakfast from the neighborhood, and hear an inspiring talk from a neighbor.

Photo credit: Top left: Lisa Wrightsman from CreativeMornings/Sacramento. Top right: Beth Insalaco from CreativeMornings/Buffalo. Bottom left: Lisa Wrightsman from CreativeMornings/Sacramento. Middle: Paul Jun from CreativeMornings/NewYork. Bottom right: Beth Insalaco from CreativeMornings/Buffalo

Partnerships enable us to reach new cities every month and create both in-person and online opportunities for the global creative community.

How do Global Partners support CreativeMornings?

On the outside, we look like a giant team—bows—but really we’re small and mighty.

A handful of full-time employees work in Brooklyn at the CreativeMornings office. Global Partners support the salaries of the HQ team and enable us to work on projects for our global community.

At CreativeMornings HQ, we create the resources, tools, and support chapters so they can focus on their event. Everything from branding and design assets, event flair, contracts, tools, and templates to pitch local partners—our mission is to set up chapters for success. Think of us as the mothership.

Without Global Partners, there would be no HQ, and with no HQ, there would be no local chapters.

Partners empower us to scale, reach more cities, and work on fun projects that bring the community closer together.

Here are a few examples of projects we’ve created together for our community:


Weekly Highlights Newsletter: This weekly newsletter started as a fun project in collaboration with Mailchimp and then lead a life of its own. It now serves 220,000 creatives every week with a newsletter that curates an inspiring talk, fun stuff to click on, and cool jobs to apply for.

The Inbox of Forgotten Emails: We asked our community to submit old drafts or unread emails (but still remain anonymous). From tear-jerkers to belly laughs, this project communicated the playful values and nature of our partnership.

Own Your Content interview series: We interviewed nine creative leaders on what it means to own your content, platform, and the future of your work. Our guests included remarkable creatives like Maria Popova, John Maeda, Luvvie Ajayi, and Grace Bonney. These deep-dive interviews offer wisdom and practical tips on how to think about the work you produce, where you share it, and ultimately why you should publish on your site first.

Photo credit: Tim Harris from CreativeMornings/Louisville

I’m interested! Who do I talk to?

We take on Global Partnerships on a very selective basis. Usually, they’re companies we’re already working with, tools we already use, and products we love.

Drop a kind, thoughtful note to!

Get Involved

We offer two other options for partnerships.

Local partners support a city’s local chapter. We are currently in nearly 200 cities. When you inquire to be a local partner, you’ll be speaking to the host of the chapter.

Global and Content partnerships work with the HQ team based in Brooklyn, New York.

Content partnerships are on a monthly or annual basis.

Learn more about them below: