Mark Busse is a communication strategist, designer, and facilitator with a strong belief in the power of design, creativity, and conversation as catalysts for positive change.

Prior to studying graphic arts and design, Busse studied business administration and fine arts during his undergraduate education. In 1997 Busse founded the strategy and design consultancy Industrial Brand where he focused on the AEC built environment sector, using his background in research, strategy, identity, and communication design, and creative process to help organizations realize brand and marketing potential.

A CGD™ certified designer, Busse’s career has put him on the frontier of applying design methods to social and strategic questions in business, community, and the arts. He has been an outspoken design industry writer, speaker, and activist, serving on various industry boards, advisory councils, and education programs.

Driven by a desire to extract learnings and process innovation from a variety of design practices, Busse is fascinated by new and emerging technologies and the revolutionary impact they have on humanity and the environments in which they live. As a burgeoning urbanist with a new perspective, Busse’s skills as a creativity and process facilitator, educator, and engagement strategist has allowed him to create communities and host conversations, workshops, and large events in a variety of forms.

As a Director at HCMA, Busse is a member of their interdisciplinary design practice and leads TILT Curiosity Labs. HCMA’s creativity workshop, TILT is where the firm tilt/shift perspectives to explore, experiment, and seek new discoveries, approaches, and opportunities. Through various community and creative collaborations, including an artist in residency (AIR) program, TILT feeds the firm's curiosity, creativity, and capacity to increase social impact in the communities they serve

Mark’s other interests include travel, cultural immersion, and cooking. He lives in East Vancouver with his wife and dog.

Design, business, marketing, the interwebs, community engagement and food.

Creating an idea army that revolutionizes Vancouver into the creative centre for innovation and friendly, engaged community we all know it is capable of becoming.

Be yourself, treat people the way you'd like to be treated, and don't worry who likes you or not—that'll work itself out.

Anyone who is able to be vulnerable, naturally humble, and admit and learn from their mistakes is someone I will always admire. Truly creative people seem to share these traits.



My telephone number from '70s.

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