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Andreas Jaritz is the producer of the first European surf documentation “The Old, The Young & The Sea”

The idea for this project was already born a couple of years ago, together with his colleague Mario Hainzl, director of the film, after two exchange semesters in the Spanish Galicia as well as Chile. 

 As you don’t do a project of this size on your own, the starting point was when they found their team of filmmakers, photographers and journalists who were ready to go on a 16-week tour in two old VW buses, to discover the heart and soul of Europe’s surf culture. 

On a camper van trip along the European Atlantic Coast they met surprising acquaintances full of stories about the quest for freedom and self-realization. 

During the past two years Andreas devoted himself almost exclusively to the project Surf-documentation. 

At our first CreativeMornings event you will be able to learn more about his learning, experiences and thoughts on the “quest for freedom and self-realization”. 

To get into the mood you can now watch the documentary here: 



Photo credits: www.stefanleitner.com