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This was our first CreativeMornings Vienna event - a session full of inspiration about this month’s topic FREEDOM with speaker Andreas Jaritz, from The Old, the Young & the Sea.

An interesting talk and a tasty breakfast sponsored by Julius Meinl Coffee & Ströck Brot as well as refreshments from LemonAid made the premiere of CreativeMornings Vienna to a magnificent start of this new chapter! 

Thanks to everyone who was part of this first event - we are looking forward to many more breakfast sessions together with you!

For more photos check out our album on our Facebook page.

To watch the video of the event click here.

Andreas Jaritz is the producer of the first European surf documentation “The Old, The Young & The Sea”

The idea for this project was already born a couple of years ago, together with his colleague Mario Hainzl, director of the film, after two exchange semesters in the Spanish Galicia as well as Chile. 

 As you don’t do a project of this size on your own, the starting point was when they found their team of filmmakers, photographers and journalists who were ready to go on a 16-week tour in two old VW buses, to discover the heart and soul of Europe’s surf culture. 

On a camper van trip along the European Atlantic Coast they met surprising acquaintances full of stories about the quest for freedom and self-realization. 

During the past two years Andreas devoted himself almost exclusively to the project Surf-documentation. 

At our first CreativeMornings event you will be able to learn more about his learning, experiences and thoughts on the “quest for freedom and self-realization”. 

To get into the mood you can now watch the documentary here: 



Photo credits: www.stefanleitner.com