Ciao! My name is sandra - I am born in hamburg, based in vienna and in love with rome. I love to connect creative people and create new projects and ideas.

I know a lot about how to do projects. I have a feeling for who and what it takes to get the best possible result.

I always need people around me to help me implement projects. Designers, developers, concept developers, photographers ... People who share my passion.

love what you do

I am always curious - I am open to everything that inspires me. I have a passion for people with passion. I love to connect people and have projects created. My greatest strength is my passion and appreciation for creativity and people.

If you love what you do you don't need a plan b

In the context of CreativeMornings I like to remember getting to know Andrea Zehetner - my co-host in Vienna. At our first meeting we sat at my kitchen table for 2 hours and afterwards I wished to be her friend. We are now and on top of that a great team.



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