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We are stoked to tell that in our this year’s first CreativeMornings/Helsinki we will have SIGNMARK talking about LANGUAGE.

Signmark, Marko Vuoriheimo, fell in love with music when he was 8 years old and started translating Metallica, Bon Jovi and New Kids On The Block into sign language. Today he is the first deaf musician to sign a record deal with a major music label. But Signmark isn’t just about music. It’s an idea, a cause, to make the world a better and more accessible place for those deaf or hard of hearing.

Come and listen to the story behind Signmark January 29th 8.30-10.00AM at Design Museum.


This January’s CreativeMornings/Helsinki starts at 8.30AM on Janaury 29th at Design Museum. We’re excited to announce the speaker very soon!


The theme of this month, Language, was illustrated by Ryan Hamrick and chosen by our fellow CreativeMornings people at Pittsburgh. The global sponsor of the month is MailChimp.


Our last event of 2015 is spent with Janne Kareinen, who will talk about our month’s theme, TIME.

Janne’s advice to all of us is:“You have to divide responsibility and power. You really have to hand it over to others and not try and control. When individual groups do stuff they enjoy things actually move forward and people don’t end up burned out and bitter.”Come and hear more tips from him on Friday the 18th of Dec 8.30am at the Design Museum.

Time flies as we are already celebrating the last theme of 2015 – TIME.

NEXT #CMhel event on the 18th of December at the Design Museum, 8.30am. Speaker will be announced soon ;)

This beautiful illustration was created by @KellyMellings and our global sponsor for the month is Freshbooks.

November: WORK with Heidi Gutekunst

This week Friday, the 27th of November, we will hear a talk about our month’s theme WORK from Heidi Gutekunst.Register for the event here.

Changing WORK means changing the world.

Only 57% of employees in Europe are engaged in their work. Heidi Gutekunst sees a huge potential in changing it. In order to make a change, both changing outdated structures and developing better leadership capacities play a big role.

When Heidi Gutekunst worked as a CEO she did not have any formal leadership education. Her decisions were made by listening into the moments and acting out of intuition. Years later she heard about transforming leadership and found a framework for her thinking.

This inspired her to found a social enterprise, Amara Collaboration, together with three other people, from Lithuania, the UK and USA. Their vision is to double the amount of leaders with transformational capacity worldwide in 25 years.


In November we talk about the theme WORK.

Event in Helsinki on Friday the 27th of November.

Hope to see you there :)

The beautiful illustration by Detroit Wood Type Co.

SHOCKing speakers: Tärähtäneet Ämmät / Nutty Tarts

These two women are serious about arts –without taking themselves too seriously

Remember Monokini 2.0., a swimwear collection for women who have gone through breast cancer and mastectomy? The beautiful photos went viral last year. Tärähtäneet ämmät / Nutty Tarts, the artistic duo behind that, are bringing SHOCK on stage at our next event.

Come and listen to this amazing duo on Friday the 30th of October.

October theme: SHOCK

Time for a new month and a new theme. This electrifying illustration is done by Yeji Yun and the theme was chosen by our dear friends at CreativeMornings/Jeju.

October’s CreativeMornings/Helsinki event takes place on Friday the 30th. 

See you then!


After an amazing 1st birthday event in August it’s time to zoom in on what’s coming up next :) In September we’ll be talking about EMPATHY.

This month’s event is presented in partnership with Shutterstock. The theme was chosen by our Phoenix chapter and illustrated by Scott Biersack, an illustrator & designer who once spent a year writing on a public chalkboard to thank the community who supported his family when they needed it most.

Next Helsinki event on the 25th of September.

Psst..you can check out the pictures from the August event here.

Proud to present our August speaker!!

Meiju is a performance artist, director, lecturer and writer touching subjects such as democracy, urbanism and creativity. I doubt you will leave her inspiring talk without a smile on your face. She will challenge us to take everyday life less seriously and speaks about why we should try and affect it.

August event on Friday the 28th.