She doesn’t like to shout about it but THERESE BOGAN knows a thing or two about this months global theme for your Creative Mornings, HUMILITY.

Originally from the USA, Therese spends her days reworking the psychological patterning of major businesses and individuals through strategy and coaching, helping them answer key questions around creating successful teams, engagements and collaborations. What makes a leader who people want to stand behind? What binds a team together and empowers those involved to really take ownership of the successes and also the failures? When are we big enough to be allowed to shout and not whisper?

You may be surprised at how HUMILITY fits in to the discussion of these issues that are so relevant to the creative industries that many of us inhabit, and particularly, at this fresh new perspective on something that is so often quoted as being at the core of the Finnish character (ahem). Have I talked too much?